Performance Artist


Zója Drávai Fire Dance


Since the age of six performance arts have played a major role in my life. Starting out with theatre and dance I developed a love for playful movement which still endures, motivates and inspires my work. Over the years I picked up a variety of different circus skills, from fire juggling to partner and aerial acrobatics. The stage provides an opportunity to express and share my emotions with an audience and to inspire a childish sense of wonderment.




Aerial acts

Aerial chain loop by Zoja Dravai

This act was made for the Cirqulation Cabaret #4 – LOVE,
at North Edinburgh Arts house.

A swinging aerial chain loop solo.
5.5 meters of interior height is sufficient for the performance.

Length: 6:30 minutes

Video: Polifilm Media/ Thomas Sheridan

Aerial straps loop by Zoja

A static aerial straps loop solo.
5 meters of interior height is sufficient for the performance.

Fire Performance

Fire whip

Fire whip by Zoja

Fire whip by Zoja is a really unique act, with lot’s of fire.
You will become speechless.


Zója Drávai`s fire dance in Porto Pollo Vienna

The solo fire dance show can be as short as 5 but also last up to 20 minutes. They feature captivating moves and stunning handcrafted costumes and of course lots of crackling fire.

LED/UV show

UV Promo by Zoja and Lenni

The UV-LED show is an act with stunning costumes and glowing toys which for most part are designed and made by me. Chose between several diverse and inspiring performances that have been shown over 300 times in 5 star hotels across Asia for shows from 5 to 20 minutes.

Vertical Dance

The Flock Project

The performers take to the skies combining newcircus, theater and dance. There is nothing quite like the
freedom of flying. Enabling the audience to leave behind the limitations of everyday life, if just for a moment.

This video was made on the Mediawave festival with The Flock Project in Hungary. From the group Zója Drávai moved to Edinburgh, and she is available with this technic on every kind of event.

The show has to be adapted to the location, a previous check of the building, performing site and planning of the rigging is inevitable, but it can be performed on indoor and outdoor walls and/ or columns. This does not only ensure safety but lends a unique experience to each occasion.